• Leave all bad moods at the door and pick them up on your way out... If you need to.
  • Do you understand plain english? We do not split bills! Ok? And for those of you who don't understand, here it is in a few more languages :
    - Nous ne partageons pas les notes!
    - نحن لا تقسيم الفواتير
    - Die Rechnung darf nicht gesplittet werden
    - Non si dividono i conti
    - Co compte doit etie layer en foul
    - Ne djeli mo racun... Ok!
    - EmeiΣ Δen Xopizoumai to ΛoΓapiazmo
  • Hello - You're in my house now, so'll tell ya where you're sitting and don't be re-arranging my furniture.
  • There is a meaning behind please wait to be seated, if you read between the lines, it is really means, I (Moe), don't want you talk'n in like you own the joint, sitting whew you want, and complaining about bad service because we don't know where you sat yourselves!
  • By the way Moe is not responsible for any bad punctuation or misspelled words. If you are concerned, he will give you 40c and you can tell someone who cares.
  • Last but not least have grouse night!
  • Oh ... And please push your chairs in before you leave
  • There is only one thing left to do ... Remember your table number when paying
  • If you don't accept our terms + conditions and think you can do it better... Make Moe an offer... Money talks Bull$#*% walks!