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About Moe

Those of you that have been on another planet for a while may even know me as "Joe". Well I have a news flash. I am now Moe! For everyone else that’s just dying to know how I went from Joe to Moe,

here is a short story about how Lazy Moe’s all began


Starting even further back, before Joe or Moe existed. I am the creation of a gentleman by the name of Michael Guida. Michael was born in 1967 and ironically does not have a lazy bone in his body. He was a hard working young man who started out his first business in a panel shop, called M n N Panel Works in East Keilor in 1984.

Michael's business ventures went from spraying cars to serving pizza and pasta in the food industry and opening up Leo's Dial a Pizza in Tullamarine in 1986. After opening up Leo's, Michael and his wife Lucy had decided to go from suburb to suburb opening new and different pizza and pasta shops. So just in case you’re wondering, Moe has most likely been in your suburb, only he was in disguise. Soon after Leo's Dial a pizza, Michael tried another business called Pasta by Florentine which opened up in Tullamarine in 1989. Three years later in 1993, Michael and Lucy moved a few suburbs down to Broadmeadows and opened up the first of many businesses to be in one building, Spag's Pizza and Pasta. In 1995 Michael and Lucy where up for another change. Carlito's Pizza and Pasta in North Balwyn was opened, and there they lived on top of the pizza shop.


You see Michael and Lucy's life style revolved around their thirst for success and passion for working.


Living arrangement where just apart of the experience.

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It had come to a point in Michael's Business ventures that he decided to move back to Tullamarine and step into another side of hospitality. A side that was just a little dirtier… Yes you have heard it all, while Lucy took a break to raise their two children, Michael decided he was going to clean some of Melbourne’s grubby kitchens after a very busy days cooking! At all hours of the morning Michael would hop into his van and off he would go to sanitise, sterilise and get rid of all kinds of kitchen grime he could find!


In 1996 after cleaning kitchens for not very long, Michael had come to a conclusion. This was not for him.


So off he went, back into the same shop that was originally called Spag's. This was where he opened up another pizza shop called Woggie's Pizza and not too long after, Carlito's Pizza.




Sometime in 1997, Michael had reached the stage where he was over owning a business and decided for the first time in his life that he would go job hunting! Well I'll leave it as short as this. There was no way that Michael was going to be told how to make a pizza and he certainly wasn’t going to tolerate being told he wasn’t good enough for the job! So low and behold in 1998, Michael opened up Smoken Joe’s Café Moonee Ponds. That day, something Melbourne knows, and grew to love was founded. The biggest meals and best fun loving service in town was introduced to the hospitality industry! Michael had found his feet and opened up Cousin Joe's two doors down. Not long after in 2000, it was time to say good bye to Smoken Joe’s and Cousin Joe's. However, it was time for Michael and Lucy to say HELLO to Melbourne, and expand their idea of big meals and fun loving services.

So in 2003 Michael and Lucy decided that "Joe" would become a rather Lazy fellow called "Moe", and here Lazy Moe is to stay.


For now you can find Moe in Tullamarine, Maribyrnong, Oakleigh, Bendigo, Caroline springs, melton, Ballarat and Moe could be in your suburb very soon!


There is one philosophy I'd like to leave you with…

"Lazy Moe’s is about an empire built with a thirst for success and a love for people and food. We are a team of hard working colleagues that are like a family and we want to share our inspiration with you and that is... "LET EM EAT!!"

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